Radiant Results Powered by a Rare Complex

Discover Skin-Empowering Illuminator

An extraordinary discovery. An enlightened force. Until now hidden within the epidermis. Skin intelligence. Alert to different stimuli, to the electrical charge each is converted to by the body, signaling its beneficial, or damaging source. Drawing from this knowledge, an exclusive complex developed to enhance skin's intuitive ability to repair and defend. Bringing together five key ingredients known for centuries, their potential unlocked by groundbreaking science.
Introducing Skin-Empowering Illuminator, the complex at the core of Key Radiance Care. Able to raise Skin Intelligence and the ability to discern positive and negative charges. To identify and respond to multiple sources of stress (UV, Dryness, Aging). To reignite skin's energy. Boosting it's intuitive brilliance for a more radiant tomorrow. Unlock the power of your radiance.

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