Meet our muses: a collection of women who choose to live uncompromisingly full – powerful, joyful, mindful, colorful. They cultivate complete radiance in every way, knowing that arriving at their personal best is just the beginning.


Family makes me feel complete.

I knew I had arrived as a makeup artist when I did Jennifer Lawrence’s makeup for her Harper’s Bazaar cover.

In three words, I would define radiance as:
1. Exquisite
2. Elegant
3. Delicate

Uncompromising by your standards means refusing to feel pressured by trends – the most important thing is to always stay true to myself.

The most intelligent advice I have ever received was, “if you blame it on someone else, don’t expect it to get better. Happiness is a choice, and everything else is a matter of perspective.”

Your definition of exquisite is having the best of the best, but more importantly, being the best you can be.

Travel is the ultimate luxury.

Complete, but never without a lipstick.

Speaking of lipstick…

Choose a lip look.
Day: a playful, peachy nude
Night: deep raspberry lips

When it comes to lipstick, I’m uncompromising with the texture and feel.

The most exquisite thing about Refined Lip Luminizer is how effortless it is – it’s so comfortable and hardly requires any maintenance.

The Refined Lip Luminizer shade that reflects my inner radiance is
Grenadine; a gorgeous, dewy deep red.

My most brilliant lipstick intel is to use it as a blush - just add a pinch of lipstick to cheeks.

Refined Lip Luminizer

Luxe. Luminous. Lasting.
New Refined Lip Luminizer

Vibrant, sheer color in one swipe. Infused with Argan and precious oils for comfort and care, this nourishing must have blends the best of both worlds –the punch of a lipstick with the cushion of a balm. Melts at body temperature, leaving lips supple with sublime color. 14 exceptional shades.