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Radiant Technology: Always moving forward into a future of limitless beauty.

  • Radiant Technology:
    Always moving forward into a future of limitless beauty.

    What makes a woman impossible to resist? What holds the gaze and brings beauty to life? The answer is radiance.

    Based on this critical understanding, Clé de Peau Beauté Laboratories has taken a unique approach to beauty by creating a groundbreaking technology that brings radiance to life.

    “Light-inspired skincare and makeup transforms skin with lively, dynamic radiance. Feel the force of truly luminous beauty.”

    Our extraordinary age-defying skincare manages skin's natural renewal cycle to restore youthful balance, making each cell a beacon of brilliance. Light-dancing makeup fuses state of the art technology with innovative skincare benefits to brighten and illuminate skin. Breathtaking beauty emanates from within.

  • Radiance Inspired by Diamonds.

    Clé de Peau Beauté developed Brilliant Cell Management, an unprecedented advancement in achieving radiant skin. Inspired by the 4Cs of diamond grading (color, cut, clarity, and carat), this approach manages the four key areas in the cellular life of skin, optimizing the conditions that create and perfectly align illuminated cells.

  • Illuminating Complex Ex:
    The past, present and future of skin.

    Luxuriously derived from rare platinum golden silk and Japanese pearls, Illuminating Complex EX is an exclusive ingredient from the Laboratories of Clé de Peau Beauté that delivers unparalleled radiance by infusing skin with super hydration and retexturizing it.

    Illuminating Complex EX not only works to reduce the current appearance of damage caused by environmental stress (such as dryness) and brings visible improvement to skin, but also helps liberate skin from memories of past imbalance. You look more radiant today and into the future.

    “When skin is free of stress, radiance becomes you.”

  • Illuminating Powders:
    At the heart of Light-Dancing Makeup.

    Clé de Peau Beauté makeup uses light-dancing technology to capture and reflect light on your face for a completely illuminated complexion. Exclusive treatment powders perfectly camouflage skin concerns while allowing inner radiance to shine through.

    New Illuminating Beads enliven skin with radiance so captivating that even the most fleeting expression is one of striking beauty. Developed specifically for the luminizing face enhancer, the exquisite highlighting powders refine contours and illuminate your complexion.

    In a single stroke, even lackluster skin is transformed by new found radiance and amazing vitality.

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