Tips & Tricks

QIf you could give only ONE beauty tip, what would it be? AIf you want to make a few changes, try a different eye shadow colour, I think it's a great and easy way to change things up without being too dramatic. eye color quad Shop Now QDo you have any tips to finding the perfect foundation match? AI see lots of women with foundation on their face and their neck is a completely different colour. This makes them look like they are wearing a mask. Always make sure you test the colour of foundation on your collar bone when choosing a foundation, so it will blend into your neck well. In any case, wearing too much makes you look older! QWhat is your favorite application tool and why? AA Brush. Perfect to apply the foundation very subtly and also to blend colours then make a soft glow. foundation brush Shop Now QWhat is a trick to looking polished if you are in a rush? AThink about the natural skin instead of lots of makeup. I love adding le sérum before lotion/moisturizer and lots of mascara.