Radiance Trio Set



Radiance Trio Set

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Le Sérum

Item No. 0729238136106
This luxurious anti-aging serum awakens natural beauty for visible radiance with Chai Hu technology and our exclusive ingredient Illuminating Complex EX. Supporting skin’s natural healthy look, it enhances resilience and strengthens for increased suppleness, hydration, radiance and a soft cushiony texture.
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La Crème

Item No. 0729238118379
An exquisite high-performance multi-benefit cream for the ultimate age-defiance and correction.


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Total Price: $1,125.00
A luxurious skincare trio that delivers unparalleled age-defying benefits and youthful radiance.

Key Benefits

le sérum

  • Contains Illuminating Complex, a powerful moisture- stabilizing ingredient that creates a radiant complexion.
  • Contains Dermal Motivator, an exclusive ingredient that offers a complex of skin-supporting elements proven to positively impact the effective functioning of skin.
  • Prepares the surface of skin to immediately absorb the concentrated benefits of nutritious ingredients at teh first step of skincare.
  • Energizes the power of skin by focusin care on the three building blocks of beauty that play a critical role in creating an exquisite complexion.
  • Penetrates quickly and transforms the look of the surface of skin instantly upon application.

la crème

  • Contains Illuminating Complex, a powerful moisture- stabilizing ingredient that creates a radiant complexion.
  • Effective ingredients: Retinol ACE, 4MSK
  • Focuses on nighttime metabolism and complements the natural cell renewal process to give skin a healthier look.
  • Formulated with an exclusive ingredient Cellular IC Normalizer that enhances conditions for optimal functioning of the cellular ion channel system.
  • Absorbs quickly and hydrates intensely to leave skin with a pampered velvety feeling.
  • In vitro tests

intensive eye contour cream

  • Contains Illuminating Complex, a powerful moisture- stabilizing ingredient that creates a radiant complexion.
  • Utilizes advanced science to help diminish uneven coloration, dark circles, and dullness, and give the eye area noticeable brightness.
  • Supports the natural vitality of skin and reduces the vulnerability of skin to wrinkles, lines, puffiness, and loss of resilience.
  • Developed with a specially designed beauty massage tool that increases surface circulation and helps improve overall tone for more well-defined eye area contours.

How to Use

le sérum

  • Use every morning and evening after cleansing skin.
  • Pump the dispenser once into the palm of your hand and carefully smooth over face.

la crème

  • Use after your regular evening skin routine.
  • Apply a pearl-sized amount with fingertips as the final step of your evening skincare.
  • Carefully smooth over the entire face.

intensive eye contour cream

  • Use in the morning before sunscreen products and in the evening after your regular skincare routine.
  • Dispense a rice-grain amount of product to each eye and smooth with fingertips.
  • The Platinum Eye Massager is a massage tool exclusive to the product, that delivers moisture. It should be used after applying the standard amount of the cream to the eye area.
  • Starting at the inner corner of the eye, glide the massager under the eye above the cheek, to the outer corner of the eye (6 times).
  • Glide in a spiral motion toward the temple (3 times).
  • Gently press the inner corner of the eyebrow, glide outward below the eyebrow (over the bone), move around the eye in a circular motion (3 times) and then press on the temple.
  • Finally, exercise the area around the eyes. Open the eyes wide, hold for 5 seconds, slowly close the eyes to a squinting position and then hold for 5 seconds (3 times).