Powder Foundation



Powder Foundation

Item No. powder-foundation-I10


Powder Foundation Case

Item No. 0729238327733
Specially designed case for powder foundation spf 21. Sleek and perfect for travel.
Price: $30.00


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Powder Foundation Sponge

Item No. 0729238327740
Designed for use with powder foundation spf 21 to create a smooth and velvety finish.
Price: $10.00
Total Price: $40.00
An exquisitely refined powder foundation that gives radiant clarity with a soft-matte finish.

Key Benefits

  • Contains Revitalizing Moisture Complex.
  • Treatment Lucent Powder EX creates a natural radiance and provides a satin sheen while covering dullness, spots and other skin concerns.

How to Use

  • Use after skincare routine and pre-makeup base.
  • Touch the foundation surface with the sponge. Starting from the center of the face, blend in a spiraling motion to achieve the desired coverage.