Enriched Lip Luminizer


Enriched Lip Luminizer

Item No. enriched-lip-luminizer-219


Enriched Lip Luminizer Refill

Item No. 0729238331846
The lip luminizer refill intended to be used with the lip luminizer holder.



    • Size:
    • 2 g / 0.07 oz


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Enriched Lip Luminizer Holder

Item No. 0729238331860
Sleek, retractable holder designed to be used with enriched lip luminizers.
Price: $25.00
Total Price: $60.00
A superbly soft and silky formula that melts onto lips. Achieves pure, elegant, sheer color.

Key Benefits

  • Inspires exceptional suppleness as if applying a skincare serum to lips. Long – lasting, vibrant color and moisturization in one.
  • Smooths lips and creates a luminous look.

How to Use

  • For the first use, do not twist the holder as sufficient formulation will be automatically released when you remove the clear cap.
  • For each additional use, twist the holder one or two clicks to the right to release the formulation.
  • Apply the surface of the lipstick directly to the lips, starting from the outer corners and spreading the color in toward the center.